What did I do?

Kuylman, Hugo hugo.kuylman at flir.com
Wed Jun 21 21:23:37 PDT 2000

Thanks Simon,

Being such a newbie, I am frightened when I do have trouble and I am also
frightened when the instructions say I'm supposed to have trouble and I
don't. Clear as mud?

If Gerard doesn't get too angry, I like the one about "If Bill Gates had a
nickel for everytime that Windoze crashed... Wait a minute! He does!


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Seems like everyone is getting this error message, but I'm still wondering
if it's normal. I've never heard of a normal bug, except those in Microsoft

Customer to PC vendor:
"My computer keeps crashing when I try to start Internet Explorer!"

"Oh, that's a normal bug. Wait for the patch."

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