DLD - what it is

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at knuut.de
Thu Jun 22 06:58:33 PDT 2000

Ian Chilton <-- Mit, 21 Jun 2000 :
> Hello,
> What's DLD?
Sorry, didn´t have time to answer earlier.
very short overview:

D = Deutsche(r)
L = Linux
D = Distribution/Distributor
german linux distribution / distributor
- old name: Delix (guess what that´s for)
- headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany
- business: linux and networking
- standard: FSSTND (this is the old FHS)
- bases: rpm, kde
- special: good startup, german man, all configs via dialog (no X!)
- and the best hotline I ever talked to (forget it now)
latest history:
- linux dept bought by RH (to step into german/european market)
- DLD distri by RH not contiued, (buy RH, folks)
- Delix is evaluating networking and now called Verion

hope, that´s enough to tell in short

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