Problems with 2.3.5b -> Makedev, Compiler Ops and Bash Problem

Gord Mc.Pherson gordzilla at
Thu Jun 22 07:36:12 PDT 2000

Hi Folks,

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Simon Perreault wrote:

> > What's that -O6 all about? is it only available when using that patch
> > (since the higher level of optim. I can find in the info pages is O3)
> You have to use it in the patch (which is the only real way to achieve any
> real sped increase). But anyway, even in standard GCC, levels of
> optimization go up to -O9. It's just not documented in the manpage

  I recall reading somewhere (the GCC site I think) that although the -O
option does go all the way up to 9, only 0,1 and 2 actually do any

--- Gord Mc.Pherson

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