LFS image directory structure

KL Davis info at nanux.com
Thu Jun 22 08:50:35 PDT 2000

Just a thought... I have a few different things going on as far as Linux distros
and stuff go -- amoung these is the use of "live" CDs.  I have a couple of
different network, server and embedded OS and toolkit applications that all
run entirely from a bootable CDROM.

I have been thinking about putting together a LFS CD that would boot a live
CD -- the disk would be a combination of LFS source and a small running
Linux OS and dev tools?

In theory, one would be able to partition the HDD and build the LFS system
without a running install on the drive?  I will hack something together tonight
and see how it works -- I would appriciate any comments, ideas or interest?

Paul Jensen wrote:

> you are correct - i have been thinking about changing this structure.  We
> have added a lot of files since we began.   i want it to match Gerard's
> book exactly - if he calls it mandatory, then i want the ftp directory
> name to be mandatory also.   Since i am going on vacation in a week, any
> changes will need to wait til i come back.
> any changes made on the ftp site cause our mirror sites to have to
> transfer these changes (and the austrialian mirror has to pay by the mb).
> Since the ftp site is 272mb now, i am careful not to make too many
> changes.
> i have a cd burner now and have made a copy of the web site and ftp site.
> i am trying to make it bootable also.
> thanks for your suggestions. i will work on this in 3-4 weeks.
> paul jensen
> www.pcrdallas.com
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