LFS image directory structure

Gord Mc.Pherson gordzilla at linuxfan.com
Thu Jun 22 14:29:56 PDT 2000

Hi Kino,

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, KL Davis wrote:

> Just a thought... I have a few different things going on as far as Linux distros
> and stuff go -- amoung these is the use of "live" CDs.  I have a couple of
> different network, server and embedded OS and toolkit applications that all
> run entirely from a bootable CDROM.
> I have been thinking about putting together a LFS CD that would boot a live
> CD -- the disk would be a combination of LFS source and a small running
> Linux OS and dev tools?
> In theory, one would be able to partition the HDD and build the LFS system
> without a running install on the drive?  I will hack something together tonight
> and see how it works -- I would appriciate any comments, ideas or interest?

  If the ultimate solution ment that one could use the cd to boot and
install LFS without having to either previously install another linux
distribution or have a currently running linux distribution. Count me
interested. This would be a perfect solution.

--- Gord Mc.Pherson

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