LFS image directory structure

Kuylman, Hugo hugo.kuylman at flir.com
Thu Jun 22 20:39:55 PDT 2000

Hi Joe,

I have an IDE CD-ROM burner in my Linux box. I'm using cdrecord with kisocd
as a frontend (not set up to do audio yet). All I had to do was recompile my
kernel to support SCSI emulation as a module, rename my burner as /dev/scd0
(its' actually /dev/hdc), edit /etc/fstab and add the insmod command in one
of the startup scripts to load the IDE-SCSI module when I have to restart
the machine. You also have to add an "append" line to LILO:
	 append= "/dev/hdc=ide-scsi" 
is what I had to add to mine. You must also make sure that the IDE CDROM
support is a module and not built into the kernel. The "append" line will
keep the IDE module from grabbing the CD burner if the IDE CDROM support is
a module, but not if it is part of the kernel.

 There is also an IDE burner in my WindozeNT machine at work and I just
happen to be using Adaptec Easy CD Creator there. My NT box hasn't had any
trouble reading the directories of ISO CDs that I have created with the
Linux box and visa versa. In fact, all of my Linux distros were created on
the NT machine.

You use the word "image" and I'm not sure what you mean exactly. All of the
Linux distros I have recorded at work were ISO images I downloaded from the
'net but the CDs I have created at home were always just a collection of

I suggest you block out some time and read the CD recording howto at a
leasurely pace. It actually has all of the information necessary but
interpreting the instructions can be difficult at times. Unfortunately when
someone is creating directions in English and English is their second
language it can become quite a puzzle.

Hugo Kuylman
Aloha, Oregon USA

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The question is this:  Do you need to have a SCSI CD-R to burn CDs in linux?

The howtos make me believe that is the case.  If so, is there any way to
the iso-9960 image readable by adaptec?  If not, what utilities, if any,
support IDE CDR's?

Any ideas appreciated.


Joe Weidenbach
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