Partitioning Suggestions?

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Fri Jun 23 03:31:35 PDT 2000

+-Georg Wilckens-(wilckens at[23.06.00 11:48]:
[How to partition a drive]
> What if /home fills up? Mine's about 2.2G right now for a single-user
> system. You can't just create /home2 and continue...

But you can easily format the right partitions and leave the home untouched.
> I just allocate it in really big chunks, one partition for / and a
> swap-partition. That's it. If you want to share /home between multiple
> distributions, take a partition for that but be generous on space if
> you ever plan to work with graphics or some other space-intensitive
> things. 

I also have a /boot above 1024cyl...
> Partitions are a pain. Doesn't reiserfs solve this issue?

I think it's LVM that does ths.

         ^ this has to be    ^ here - damned vi ;)

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