Problem Compiling (GLIBC) + Calling all PGCC users!

Ian Chilton ian at
Sun Jun 25 05:28:26 PDT 2000


> I had similar problems, but they were (and in your case *are* as far
> as I can see) related to either optimization flags

I didn't have any optimisation flags on, as I am only at the 'static
building' stage.

> or binutils.
> I had such problems with
> binutils- and pgcc-2.95.2

Ah, I'll try that!
I assume you mean the binutils on the LFS system, not the binutils on the
old distro thet you're building from?

>  pgcc-2.95.2

Now you mention that, can I quiz you a bit?

I have never used PGCC before, but have tried it by the recommendation of
nomis80 from this list / #LFS.

Did you have any problems at all with it?

Did you build exactly as LFS, or did you miss out the -e from "make -e" when
building dynamically?

Do I build glibc with optimization the first time round??

What optimizating flags do you use?

Tell me everything!!!

BTW: any other PGCC users around?
I would be interested in your PGCC experiences!


Bye for Now,


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