login problem

Chris Krough ckrough at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 25 08:03:56 PDT 2000

Ok, so I've got 2.3.5 completely installed. The only problem I left in the
system was the "locale" problems when compiling perl 5.6.0.

Here's my problem: When I reboot into the LFS system I get to the login
prompt, when I login I get nothing, no errors, no prompt, nothing. If I
"CTRL-C" it bumps me back tp the login prompt. So as far as I can tell I am
logging in OK but there is no shell. If I chroot to the LFS system from my
old system I can run /sbin/sulogin and /bin/login with no problems so
shadowing is working. I have checked and rechecked my inittab but can't seem
to find the problem. Root uses /bin/bash as it's shell, and /bin/bash works.
Any ideas?

I am running linux-2.2.99-pre9. (which kicks ass cause it supports my HPT366

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