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Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Mon Jun 26 05:40:44 PDT 2000

When installing console tools and data I really got a shock:
35 binaries/scripts and 4 quite filled data directories
and all this just for console!

If the package does not differ between needed things,
could we work out which stuff will really be needed?

like: I have a pentium ix86
/keymaps has dirs for /amiga, /atari, /mac, /sun
what do I need those for?

like: /videomodes is empty, why not delete?

like: do we really need unicode?

My startup scripts (which I´m working to adjust LFS) just
loads and unloads the right keybord map and that´s it,
more is not needed.

I understand that distributions and tarballs have to consider
every possibility, but we are building for ourselves, so we do
not have to keep all the stuff we will never need.

Would like to hear your opinions about that.
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