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Dean Feldpausch dean at feldpausch.net
Mon Jun 26 06:15:14 PDT 2000

Chris Krough wrote:

> Ok, so I've got 2.3.5 completely installed. The only problem I left in the
> system was the "locale" problems when compiling perl 5.6.0.
> Here's my problem: When I reboot into the LFS system I get to the login
> prompt, when I login I get nothing, no errors, no prompt, nothing. If I
> "CTRL-C" it bumps me back tp the login prompt. So as far as I can tell I am
> logging in OK but there is no shell. If I chroot to the LFS system from my
> old system I can run /sbin/sulogin and /bin/login with no problems so
> shadowing is working. I have checked and rechecked my inittab but can't seem
> to find the problem. Root uses /bin/bash as it's shell, and /bin/bash works.
> Any ideas?

Just a couple of ideas, that might cause a stumble.
1.)  Check inittab again.
2.)  Make sure paths are set correctly.  Some distro's put full paths in
3.)  Check compliation of Sysvinit and bash.
4.)  Make sure that config files are not dos text.  In vi do a :se
fileformat=unix then :wq!
5.)  Check the format of /etc/passwd
6.)  Check nsswitch.conf. Make sure it points to files.

> I am running linux-2.2.99-pre9. (which kicks ass cause it supports my HPT366
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