Static vs Shared

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Mon Jun 26 16:06:30 PDT 2000

Dean Feldpausch <-- Mon, 26 Jun 2000 :
> >%_Question,
> Is there any reason to compile static support if your using
> shared libraries.  Is I am ./configuring, I often see support
> for both configured, but am wondering if static is needed.

in the stage when you build your final: not to my mind, you only
have to assure that the libraries needed for the "essential" binaries
(root dir) also are in root dir - for example: your /usr directory is
separately mounted (or worst case just not) and the libs you need
are on it.

but I prefer to have a small static bash at hand in case I really get
into trouble.

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