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Chris Krough ckrough at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 05:19:42 PDT 2000

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> I'm also having the same problem.
> Right now I have the lfs system installed with 2 kernels,
> 2.4.0-test2, and 2.2.14 (yes yes, i'm waiting for .17, ok?)
> Like the person who posted, I can't log in with 2.4, only with 2.2.
> The response originally was that shadowing doesn't work with the
> 2.3/4 series.  So why is this ?  What can we do.  The machine I'm
> posting from is using 2.4 and shadowing, so why is it different for
> the lfs system ?
> The questions below don't really apply, as the system works fine
> with the other kernel, and i'd hazard a guess that the other guy
> with the problem's system is fine in those regards too...

You guessed right.... 2.2.13 works with no problem.

My LFS system is behind a firewall so I am not terribly concerned
with shadowing... I haven't done this yet but I think I need to
remove/replace the apps created by shadow with the apps created by
util-linux. First you have to edit the MCONFIG file before compiling
util-linux. I think the following have to be changed:


I'll verify these tonight and post it here... I also don't think that
the shadow package needs to be installed if the above options are
set...again, I'll post the results tonight...

If anyone knows how to get shadowing working with development
kernels....post it please!

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