kerneld , kmod - missing

Richard Richard at
Tue Jun 27 05:31:03 PDT 2000

> My kernel has modules and kmod configured,
> The latest modutils tarball has only an option to
> enable the older kerneld which should be replaced
> by kmod.
> Where / How do I get kmod?
cd /usr/src/linux
make menuconfig

inside: loadable modulesupport
you will find: kernel module loader
That is how to enable kmod

Do not forget, after make bzImage:
make modules
make modules_install

The next problem is depmod -a
You want to run this when your new kernel is running,
after / is mounted read/write, before any modules are
needed, each time you change/add any modules.

I have an extra script to do this on each boot up, even
though the modules do not change that often. This means
that the first boot will not work properly if any modules
were needed before the / partition was mounted
read/write. If you can solve that problem, please tell me.

You may also need /etc/modules.conf
See /usr/src/linux/Documentation/modules.txt,


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