configure problem with ed

Donnie Roos list at
Tue Jun 27 13:38:36 PDT 2000

At 06:53 AM 6/27/00 +0200, you wrote:
>> As you can see GCC is found (checking for gcc) but I am not using GCC
>> ???
>> also lot's of header-files are not found.
>So, what's your problem? Doesn't it compile?

Don't know, didn't try.

I figured that if gcc (binary) is found but 'configure' does not detect it
for usage and all kinds of header-files are missing (even std ansi headers)
than something must be wrong with my chroot'ed enviroment.

Sorry for not posting a more clearly stated question. I was in a hurry and
did not want to wait till I came back (18:30) before sending a post

Donnie Roos

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