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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at cadvision.com
Wed Jun 28 02:50:54 PDT 2000


>Do I miss the point here? Shouldn't the files in /bin be statically,
>so that if you can not mount the lib-dirs (for what reason ever)
>you still are able to do the most important commands for rescuing
>the system?

Have you ever done an: ldd /bin /sbin?
hell no... your init script would take forever to load if they were static,
nothing is static (well a few programs) in most distro that's the nice thing
about LFS you can do whatever you want.

Some commercial *nix do that? keep static around for this reason.
it would be simple as /bin-static and /sbin-static and just change the path
in your init scripts on bootup. (aka append= it ;)

This is something where it would be nice, if you destroyed your Glibc
libraries... but something that isn't really needed for most ppl

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