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Chris Krough ckrough at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 28 06:12:15 PDT 2000

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> > My LFS system is behind a firewall so I am not terribly concerned
> > with shadowing... I haven't done this yet but I think I need to
> > remove/replace the apps created by shadow with the apps created
> > by util-linux. First you have to edit the MCONFIG file before
> > compiling util-linux. I think the following have to be changed:
> >
> >  HAVE_SLN=yes
> >  HAVE_TSORT=yes
> Now there might be a problem. I'm quite sure that the Shadow
> Password Suite comes with it's own 'login' program and after shadow
> pwd suite util-linux is installed which replaces shadow pwd suite's
> login program. Don't ask me why I never fixed it though (well one
> reason is it never showed up with the stable kernel releases. I run
> 2.2.16 and login works fine with and without shadowing).
> You can try a simple reinstall of shadow password suite (after
> util-linux has already been installed) so it will replace the login
> program with it's own version which should work better. Since I
> personally don't run unstable kernels I won't test this for the
> sake of putting it in the book. However I am willing to update the
> book (moving a few packages around so that shadow password suite is
> installed after util-linux) if somebody else can verify that shadow
> password suite's login program does work with the 2.4-test* kernels
> (or 2.2.99-pre9 and up)

We'll, I've reached my threshhold for frustration and I need to get
some work done, so I am giving up on the 2.4.0test2 kernel.

For anyone else having this problem, I tried the above examples and
got the same results... if anyone figures it out please post it.

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