Post-LFS Package management

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RPM and patches.  I have a whole slew of RPM spec files and patches to make them compile.  My system isn't perfect yet, because sometimes RPM finds dependencies that don't exist and I am not sure how to tell RPM that it doesn't need to include a given dependency in its list via the SPEC file (I am not talking about the --nodeps during an RPM install - I am talking about a build).  I would be glad to get you started with the method I use to do this if you need help.

Tom Veldhouse
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  Just wondering what thoughts anyone has regarding keeping track of what belongs to what software package after the base system is installed and up and running. This has always been one of my frustrations with Slackware, but dpkg and rpm seem to involved and tied into Redhat's and Debian's design philosophy. I'm looking at stow, and am wondering what else is out there to keep track of what's installed, what versions, and to facilitate upgrading the same. Something that I can go from the source and make a package would be really nice. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  As an aside, I'm loving this project and think it's a great thing, if only as a tool to learn WHY the other distributions are the way they are. I like the idea of being able to take what I want and leave the rest.

  Dan Clery
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