Compiling LFS on machine 1 for machine 2

justin at justin at
Thu Jun 29 17:03:40 PDT 2000

Has anyone experience of compiling LFS for use on a different machine?

What I want to do is get Linux on an old 386 portable I have. It's only
got a 40MB disk so I can't get all the sources on there and just leave it
to build them over the course of the next year or so! So I'd like to
'make' all the stuff on my Pentium and then copy them accross. I should
be able to link the two machines with network cards and boot the portable
with Tom's Root Boot to prepare it.

All I want it to do is boot Linux with my preferred settings, I'm
intending using it as a terminal for my main box that I can take outside
on nice days so I can carry on reading news and mail and maybe some
hacking. What I mean is: everything will be run on the server, the
portable will just be a display.

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