Compiling LFS on machine 1 for machine 2

Wim Kerkhoff wim at
Thu Jun 29 18:33:12 PDT 2000

On 30-Jun-2000 justin at wrote:
> Has anyone experience of compiling LFS for use on a different machine?
> What I want to do is get Linux on an old 386 portable I have. It's only
> got a 40MB disk so I can't get all the sources on there and just leave it
> to build them over the course of the next year or so! So I'd like to
> 'make' all the stuff on my Pentium and then copy them accross. I should
> be able to link the two machines with network cards and boot the portable
> with Tom's Root Boot to prepare it.
> All I want it to do is boot Linux with my preferred settings, I'm
> intending using it as a terminal for my main box that I can take outside
> on nice days so I can carry on reading news and mail and maybe some
> hacking. What I mean is: everything will be run on the server, the
> portable will just be a display.

I haven't done anything like this, but a few weeks/months ago I was reading the
network boot and remote X howtos. There are several projects that make this a
lot easier -- check, freshmeat, and sourceforge, and maybe even


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