Is it a simple task...???

Hendrix tgjp at
Thu Jun 29 23:17:33 PDT 2000

Hi again,

Would it be a simple or hard task to be able to write scripts and/or
programs that would build LFS on-the-fly...  For instance, say if I
wanted to be able to set up LFS so that I can store it on a CD-ROM (much
like a regular distribution) so that I can install and configure it
without working from another distribution (like we are doing with LFS

For instance, is there a way to be able (after LFS is finished) to make
a CD-ROM version of LFS that can be installed on a system that doesn't
already contain a linux distribution...???  Right now, we can't do LFS
without having another distribution installed...*s*  Hmm...  I'm finding
it hard to explain myself...*smile*   Anyone know what I mean... 

Trevor Penney, 
A+, Network+ Certified
That's alright, I still got my guitar...
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