CD-Distribution using LFS as a model...

Hendrix tgjp at
Fri Jun 30 03:33:29 PDT 2000

Well...  This probably wouldn't be that hard...  A lot of work, but
maybe not hard...

Most distributions come with images for an initial startup/install
disk...  Maybe set the disk image up to load linux with something other
than lilo, something like Tom's root boot does with the 'loadlin'
program...  From there, 'fdisk' (or an equivalent utility) can be used
to set up the partitioning information...

I have no idea how to setup partitions from a C program, as voiced as I
am with C, I have absolutly no idea how to go that low-level in regards
to the actual hardware...  Althought, I'm not sure if 'fdisk' can be
implemented to except any of its internal commands from a seperate
file/script...???  Have anyone ever tried something like this with
'fdisk'(feeding commands to it from a text file I mean)...???  If it
could, then we'd be in business with the partitioning...  Maybe a little
simple C program to act as a frontend to 'fdisk', much like Red Hat does
with Disk Druid (I'm not saying that disk druid is a front end, although
it may be for all I know, but in any case, it *is* interactive)... 

With the partitioning taken care of, the next step would be to actually
get GCC working...  That is, of course, if we didn't want actual binary
images of the programs already pre-compiled...  Hmmm...  Maybe it would
be best to contain a known-to-work version of GCC already compiled on
the CD...  Then all programs needed to be compiled can actually be
compiled from the CD (much like compiling over a network)...  I can't
see this being done (system-from-scatch I mean) without having a binary
of a compiler somewhere ready to compile the packages...   Red Hat does
most of its installations from binary (RPM) I think...  I guess that
makes their job easier on them...<g>  He he...!!!!!

So from this point, simple programs can be used to produce scripts and
configurations to install different packages and the like...  With any
luck, the first system implementation will come out very simple, and it
would definitely be a learning experience...  He he...

I don't see how getting a basic system up and running from a CD can be a
problem if everything is done in sequence, much the same way as LFS was
done...  As an added feature, programs can be written to help the
configuration of various script files (XF86Config, services, inetd

I dunno, maybe I'm wrong...!!!  But I think something like this is worth
a shot...

Trevor Penney, 
A+, Network+ Certified
"That's alright, I still got my guitar"... 
-James Marshall Hendrix (11/27/1942-09/18/1970)
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