CD-Distribution using LFS as a model...

Richard Richard at
Fri Jun 30 05:29:33 PDT 2000

> From there, 'fdisk' (or an equivalent utility) can be used
> to set up the partitioning information...
> I have no idea how to setup partitions from a C program, as voiced as I
> am with C, I have absolutly no idea how to go that low-level in regards
> to the actual hardware...  Althought, I'm not sure if 'fdisk' can be
> implemented to except any of its internal commands from a seperate
> file/script...???  Have anyone ever tried something like this with
> 'fdisk'(feeding commands to it from a text file I mean)...???  If it
> could, then we'd be in business with the partitioning...  Maybe a little
> simple C program to act as a frontend to 'fdisk', much like Red Hat does
> with Disk Druid (I'm not saying that disk druid is a front end, although
> it may be for all I know, but in any case, it *is* interactive)... 
sfdisk - A version of fdisk for scripts
cfdisk - A version of fdisk using curses

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