Compiling LFS on machine 1 for machine 2

justin at justin at
Fri Jun 30 13:23:56 PDT 2000

On Thu, Jun 29, 2000 at 11:42:09PM -0400, you wrote:
> Perhaps you want to look into, what somebody else already said, remote
> booting. That way you don't need a harddisk. The kernel boots, it
> connects via NFS to the server and mounts your laptop's root file system
> (which is actually a directory like /usr/nfs-exports/laptop-root on the
> pentium) and all programs are run on server and you are just the
> display. 

I think I may have to go this way, I think it may be just too slow

I like the way you call it a laptop! I've used it on my lap on a couple
of occaissions but not for long, it not only gets very warm but the
weight gets too much... usually much sooner than the heat does. It must
weigh over 10kg, has a full size keyboard (minus cursor and Page Up/Page
down groups); the display is either orange or green gas plasma or
something. It could be a fun task getting it going!
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