recommendations v2.2 -or- v2.3.5b

Gioffre Torricio gioffreus at
Fri Jun 30 21:08:04 PDT 2000

Can anyone give 2 cents worth about the merits or differences between
these two? Questions that pop up when I compare them...

Sorry if these have been asked before as I know they surely have

1) v2.2 used linux86 and 2.3.5b uses bin86. bin86 looks kinda old.
Can I use linux86 instead?

2) Could a person have built v2.2 by using the chroot method?

3) Can I use linux-kernel 2.2.16 instead of 2.2.14? I have kernel
sources all over the place and have 4 different kernels available to
use with LFS. I figured I could just use the non-modular 2.2.16 that
I built before for emergencies.

4) Bash 2.04. Can it be used with LFS v2.2?

And finally, thanks for your patience, which LFS should I use and
why? I've got to to GLIBC in LFS-BOOK-2.3.5b. It's on the
"Preparing the LFS system for installing basic system software" page.
Now I'm stuck with the GLIBC question I posted just a few minutes

Ta for now,
gioffreus at
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