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Misquoted from ken_i_m on Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 08:53:47PM -0700:
> In Chapter 4 (../intel-2.4.2/ch04-creatingpart.html)
> " . . . recommend a partition size of around 750 MB."
> I made my initial partition 780 MB but ran out of space durning the 
> installation of glibc. I did a complete re-install of RH 6.2 on the box and 
> upped the LFS partition to 1.3 GB (the drive only has 2 gigs). Having done 
> this I find that I have to do considerable removal of files to keep a 
> comfortable amount of free disk space. I have left the /usr/src/linux 
> directory alone due to the symlinks to it. Are there other /usr/src 
> directories that I should have left alone as well? Other than the above 
> quote the book does not seem to touch on this issue. Did I miss the chapter 
> on file management of the /usr/src directory?
> This has been gnawing at my last remaining brain cell while I wait for help 
> concerning the console-tools error I posted earlier.
> Thank you,
> I think, therefore, ken_i_m

You can delete everything in /usr/src except linux and your sources.
I delete each build directory before moving on the the next package
and that same trick should let you build everything in 1.3GB

To give you some idea of how much space things take,
my root partitions hold everything but /boot, /home, and /usr/src/sources
The sources for LFS are about 47MB (bzip2 -9'ed)
A reasonably standard LFS installation is about 210MB
The sources I have downloaded are 380MB
When installed, these use 740MB
My root partitions are 1GB. These are too small to build X
so I now do all the compiling on a separate partion.
mozilla takes 1.2GB to build, and I have heard that gnome
office takes about 2GB

Hope this helps you plan your partitions


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