Suggestion for low HD people?

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at
Thu Nov 2 08:32:36 PST 2000

The LFS Book mentions the strip --strip-debug command, but perhaps it would
be worth mentioning that for those with limited HD space it would probably
be helpful to strip files several times throughout the procedure (especially
at the end of the pre-chroot section)?

Last night after completing the pre-chroot section of 2.4.2, I was quite
surprised to see that all the pre-chroot stuff was using 330 megs of HD
space.  After doing strip --strip-debug * on the directories /bin, /sbin,
/lib, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/lib, /usr/lib/gconv, and
/usr/lib/gcc-lib/*/2.95.2 that went down to 93 megs.  Of course, everything
but glibc gets replaced later by much smaller dynamic versions, but there's
a lot of stuff that gets installed before they get reinstalled.  And as the
book states, there is a substantial savings when you strip debugging symbols
from glibc...

This, in combination with removing the unpacked source directories as soon
as the package is compiled, should go a long way towards helping those who
aren't fortunate enough to have multi-gigabyte HDs.

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