Missing GLIBC-2.2?

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Nov 2 11:37:17 PST 2000

On November  2, 2000 10:45 am, you wrote:
> I've managed to compile everything in the first part, some statically and
> some dynamic because of the nss errors. Now, as I'm in the chroot
> environment, I get errors with those dynamically-compiled programs.
> Unfortunately, those programs include tar and make. Here are the errors:
> tar: /lib/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.2' not found (required by tar)
> Anyone know of a fix for either this or the problems compiling those
> programs statically?

So far there is no fix for yet. Can you install a non-glibc-2.2 system to 
start LFS'ing from?

You can always download the archive Jesse has up that includes an entire 
static system. You can extract it and take the files you need: 

look for the LFS-static_2.3.6_i386.tar.gz file

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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