how to proceed with chapter 7 concerning cat > output << EOF

Jean-François Le Ray jfleray at
Thu Nov 2 12:35:09 PST 2000

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> in that cat > out << eof the `cat /var/run/$` results in bash running
> cat /var/run/$ and you can't declare a variable to get around that
> problem. Got a solution for that too?

Sadly, I must admit that I don't !

To my mind, I think we must byte the bullet, and declare that the "cat"
method is the preferred way to build an lfs system, and escape what
needs to be escaped when creating lfs scripts.

Then, we could provide a simple sed script that change \$ to $ and \' to
The users would then be taught to use "cat", or to use copy and paste
that script (I don't think that there are legitimate use of \$ or \' in
lfs scripts).

A nice bonus is that this script can be used on a file that doesn't
any \$ (ie, one created through "cat") with no adverse effects.

Do I make sense, or am I hopelessly drunk ?


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