how to proceed with chapter 7 concerning cat > output << EOF

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Thu Nov 2 12:45:02 PST 2000

( Don, 02 Nov 2000 ) Rod Roark <-- :
> I think you're worrying too much about trying to make the book do 
> everything.  Books are for reading.  Everything else is downloaded, 
> why not also a tarball of the initial directory structure along with 
> all of the scripts and configuration files from the book?

Precicely, books are for reading - and if I have a book I want to have
all in it and not every now and then, now go download this.

( Don, 02 Nov 2000 ) Gerard Beekmans <-- :
> So we either can't use the content in the book in a cat > out << EOF 
> construction and you have copy&paste into vim, or you can do a cat but you 
> cannot copy&paste into vim.

If I read the book and come along some echo blah>ear or cat<<EOF 10 lines
it is ok, but if it becomes more like the scripts do, you easily loose
control - just remember those complaints about "we want the prompt back".
This is simply cause human can only cope with a certain amount of information
at the time. So with cat-ting the scripts you will end up with confusion
about the meaning - like what does this script exactely do (David is working
on that) - now imagine the book is different, just too much confusion.

- Leave the book c&p and proper reading lecture
- Leave catting to those who know how to do it
- Leave archive for those too lazy or whatever


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