Suggestion for low HD people?

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Thu Nov 2 14:43:11 PST 2000

> You design everything for the largest common denominator and the largest are
> those that CAN afford the disk space. Plus, since you are in a DEVELOPMENT
> stage you WANT the -g in there for debuggin purposes. 

I'm *not* DEVELOPING. I'm COMPILING. The errors occuring during an LFS 
install are almost all errors during compile. The remaining errors are 
just error messages from programs due to missing files, etc. Debugging 
info can only help if a program dumps core and that's not likely to happen 
during an LFS install (unless you have buggy hardware in which case debug 
info doesn't help you).

99.99% of all people don't need debugging info and can't even use it. Most 
people won't even report it to the maintainer if a program dumps core 
(many people have core files disabled in the 1st place). Besides, I've 
never had anything besides Netscape and experimental software dump core on 
me. In all the years you've used Linux, have you ever used the debugging 
info in the shellutils? Or grep? Or groff? Or, or, or,...
If you really have, you belong to the 0.01% of hardcore users that are 
smart enough to leave out the respective switches when building LFS.


"#define BEGIN {"   and the miracle happens !
C gets readable!!

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