Suggestion for low HD people?

Jeffery McLean jeffery at
Thu Nov 2 15:37:35 PST 2000

On Thu, 02 Nov 2000, you wrote:
> On Thu, 02 Nov 2000, you wrote:
> > > The "Linux Distro Rant" guy in Geeks in Space: Ground Control 2
> > > is me...
> > 
> > Really? kewl.. i'll have to read that soon (i've noticed it before, just
> > haven't bothered to check it out ;)
> Read?  "Well your computer is reading it" - CmdrTaco

Oh yes I might as well mention...
I've done three ummm articals? recordings... yeah recordings
for Ground Control... one in GC 1 and two in GC 2
I joke I should record three for GC 3 :)
Eventually by say GC 5 we turn it into the Felinoid show :)

I have very MINNOR voice tallent... so you should be able
to pick out what three are me...
Hint: I don't sing.... :) [never said it was a GOOD hint]
-- Doing the impossible daily
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