PowerPC (Mac) Question

Florin Boariu florin at bnv-bamberg.de
Fri Nov 3 05:11:33 PST 2000


Well, why would I like to buy a Mac? Good question, still looking for a
good answer (not only for you but also for my parents :)

Just kidding. There are several reasons for that.

The first one: iBook looks cool.

The second: I need a laptop. But why does it have to be a Mac and not an
Intel? Well I never had a Mac and I'm starting to hate Intel. Call it
religion or call it whatever you want, but intel and their PatchME(tm)
Technology sucks. At each and every corner you see new bus systems patched
over or along with the old ones, and most of those patches are only copies
of Mac ports (like the USB port for example). So, why have some copy of
some idiot when you can have the original thing? Apple have always tried
to "do things right" instead of just "make it work", and chances are that
they're still doing it right. Intel instead -- like a well-known
Redmond-located software company -- were copying, oversimpifying and
renaming everything, all over the time. That for the philosophical part of

The third reason: I think of myself as of a programmer (certainly not the
best, trying to get better...). I want to see/try other architectures. I'm
sure I have nothing to lose but rather someting to win (I think I don't
have to explain more on this issue, do I :)

The fourth reason: comfort in usage. I tried all that cool-looking sony
laptops (which btw cost a lot more than an ibook), but none of them has a
sane keyboard. I'm a person with reasonably thin fingers, but not _that_
thin! A laptop with a keyboard which is nice to type on gets a little
bigger -- and a lot more ugly. Well, the the iBook doesn't. It's rather
big, and maybe a little more heavy than a nice and sweet sony laptop, but
it looks great at right about that size!

The fifth reason: the price. Well, it's definitely more expensive than an
ordinary intel laptop, but not dramatically. At almost DM 5000,- in
Germany for an G3-466 (the new iBook series) you get a reasonable good PC.
You would pay at least DM 4000,- for some Pentium III-500, so it's not
that a big difference. Buying a Sony laptop at a comparable speed would
mean more than DM 5000,- btw.

best regards,
[...] try this new version instead, which many people believe to
      be the perfect compromise between new and old bugs. :)

	-- announce of ircII 2.9 "roof"

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