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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Nov 3 07:08:25 PST 2000

On October 30, 2000 10:40 am, you wrote:
> hi all
> i've finally recieved my dvd archive altho some stuff is not on it
> believe it or not, and it's 7.5 gig.
> so is there a easy way to uninstall a package with linux. i want
> to remove xfree 3.3.6 and install 4.0.1. one reason is it supports
> dual displays and it's got a graphical installation utility. i wanted
> to use xf86setup, or somethin like it, and i'm hopin the 4.0.1
> setup utiltiy is as good, otherwise i'll stick with 3.3.6 and scour
> the net for xf86setup cos i haven't found it yet.

Try rm -r /usr/X11R6
that usually does the trick

X4.0.1 comes with a console based configuration program callec xf86config

Gerard Beekmans

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