[LFS] installing/cnfg xf86 4

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at gmx.net
Fri Nov 3 07:45:44 PST 2000

> Grant Monroe wrote:
> I have a question about installing xf86 4.
> I have compiled it and installed it successfully with no previous x
> intallation.
> I believe that it is configured correctly, but when I startx, I get
> the following error:
> No core pointer
> Fatal Error:
> Any suggestions?
> Also, can anyone tell me how to put /usr/X11R6/bin in my path at
> startup?

core pointer refers to your mouse, and the problem is that
you have none, or at least, X can't find it.
 Look into your XF86Config file (/etc/X11/) find the section 
"InputDevice" /Driver "mouse" as an option you have to pass:
Option "Device" "/dev/<yourmousedev>" 
(this is /dev/psmouse for a PS/2 mouse)

Hope that helps


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