PowerPC (Mac) Question

Kyle West sithii at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 3 08:01:50 PST 2000

so basically you're not a mac addict yet, but rapidly becoming one.  :-)  
Keep it up, you almost converted me.  I hate Intel and the Intel 
architecture, just like I hate Microsoft and Windows.  Unfortunately, that 
currently isn't stopping me from using MSIE and having that beautiful (not) 
hotmail tagline on every msg I send out.  But it has managed to stop me from 
spending any money on M$ products, and if I do buy another wintel machine, 
it'll probably have AMD in it.

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>Well, why would I like to buy a Mac? Good question, still looking for a
>good answer (not only for you but also for my parents :)
>Just kidding. There are several reasons for that.
>The first one: iBook looks cool.
>The second: I need a laptop. But why does it have to be a Mac and not an
>Intel? Well I never had a Mac and I'm starting to hate Intel. Call it
>religion or call it whatever you want, but intel and their PatchME(tm)
>Technology sucks. At each and every corner you see new bus systems patched
>over or along with the old ones, and most of those patches are only copies
>of Mac ports (like the USB port for example). So, why have some copy of
>some idiot when you can have the original thing? Apple have always tried
>to "do things right" instead of just "make it work", and chances are that
>they're still doing it right. Intel instead -- like a well-known
>Redmond-located software company -- were copying, oversimpifying and
>renaming everything, all over the time. That for the philosophical part of
>The third reason: I think of myself as of a programmer (certainly not the
>best, trying to get better...). I want to see/try other architectures. I'm
>sure I have nothing to lose but rather someting to win (I think I don't
>have to explain more on this issue, do I :)
>The fourth reason: comfort in usage. I tried all that cool-looking sony
>laptops (which btw cost a lot more than an ibook), but none of them has a
>sane keyboard. I'm a person with reasonably thin fingers, but not _that_
>thin! A laptop with a keyboard which is nice to type on gets a little
>bigger -- and a lot more ugly. Well, the the iBook doesn't. It's rather
>big, and maybe a little more heavy than a nice and sweet sony laptop, but
>it looks great at right about that size!
>The fifth reason: the price. Well, it's definitely more expensive than an
>ordinary intel laptop, but not dramatically. At almost DM 5000,- in
>Germany for an G3-466 (the new iBook series) you get a reasonable good PC.
>You would pay at least DM 4000,- for some Pentium III-500, so it's not
>that a big difference. Buying a Sony laptop at a comparable speed would
>mean more than DM 5000,- btw.
>best regards,
>[...] try this new version instead, which many people believe to
>       be the perfect compromise between new and old bugs. :)
>	-- announce of ircII 2.9 "roof"
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