how to proceed with chapter 7 concerning cat > output << EOF

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Nov 3 09:07:30 PST 2000

> cat constructs or echo constructs won't be used for the boot scripts. I
> will, however, add a few lines to chapter7's introduction if people want to
> use cat on the scripts. It's as simple as:
> manually type: cat > output << "EOF"
> <here you cope and paste>
> manually type: EOF

Ok, over the past few hours I have given this a bit more thought.

My new conclusion is (but I will let it sink in for a bit and find out if i 
really like it) that using cat on the boot scripts isn't such a bad idea 
afterall. If you don't like cat, just copy the lines minus the cat > out << 
"EOF" and EOF at the bottom and paste it into a text editor of some sort. Now 
I really think about it, I doubt that anybody would type over the script 
anyways. The reader might read through it, but in the end he'll copy and 
paste into vim or whatever is used. Then we might as well make it easier by 
adding the proper cat lines so the reader doesn't have to start an editor to 
paste it into.

I'll put it in 2.4.3 for now and if we don't like it, it can always be 
removed again.

Gerard Beekmans

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