PowerPC (Mac) Question

Florin Boariu florin at bnv-bamberg.de
Fri Nov 3 18:04:08 PST 2000

Yes, that's the dark side of the force.

But why would you want to build your own machine? Probably because you
don't want any cheap components, you want quality. You want parts than fit
together 100% Well, by not being commodity hardware, Apple archieves this
goal more or less satisfying (rather more, I guess, even if not yet the
best possible).

So actually your [better: my] need for customization shrinks. The only
things that remain are RAM, some graphics chips, HDD... needs which, as
Jesse said, are satisfied to some extent by the Apple Store.

Of course, the possibilities to hardware-configure a laptop are rather
limited, but that goes for Intel machines aswell.

On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, Jesse McCrosky wrote:

> 	The Apple store lets you do that to some extent.  Some things
> (mainboard, sound card) you get no choice about but processor, ram,
> video card(s), disk, peripherals, and lots of other stuff can be customized.
> 	jesse
> Erika Pacholleck wrote:
> > 
> > ( Fre, 03 Nov 2000 ) Kyle West <-- :
> > > Keep it up, you almost converted me.  I hate Intel and the Intel
> > > architecture, just like I hate Microsoft and Windows.
> > > ... and if I do buy another wintel machine, it'll probably have AMD in it.
> > 
> > Me too at the first glance, still what I am missing is the possibility
> > to build your own system. I like to decide myself which mainboard, processor,
> > video/sound card, ram I would like to combine and then of course srew it
> > myself - and I have not heard you can do that with a mac, can you?

[...] try this new version instead, which many people believe to
      be the perfect compromise between new and old bugs. :)

	-- announce of ircII 2.9 "roof"

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