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Jonathan Wilson wilson at claborn.net
Fri Nov 3 22:15:45 PST 2000

Yes and despite the opinion of many, there are /tons/ of things you can do to customize your Mac even outside the Apple Store - Video card makers are pumping out new PCI and AGP cards for the Mac trying to outdo each other, sound cards, {Good|Bad|cheap|insanely expensive} RAM, Different Mice, Different keyboards, every manner of SCSI cards, scsi drives, LS-120s, {Jazz|Orb|Zip
\Syquest} Drives, FireWire and USB this and that.... it's really just a lie to think that Macs aren't customizable, like some people think - you can get a Mac version of almost anything you can get for a PC.

And especially when you're talking about laptops: c'mon, are you really gonna upgrade the processor in your Sony Vaio yourself? I didn't think so ;-)

And to answer the fir guy that wondered why you'd buy an Laptop: if /nothing/ else (oh, but there is more!) it's worth it because PPC's are a much better arch then x86. Period. Also Apple ia always ahead on their bus speeds.

Anyway back to work.....(I'm working overtime for a new G4 ;-)


At 03:04 AM 11/4/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>Yes, that's the dark side of the force.
>But why would you want to build your own machine? Probably because you
>don't want any cheap components, you want quality. You want parts than fit
>together 100% Well, by not being commodity hardware, Apple archieves this
>goal more or less satisfying (rather more, I guess, even if not yet the
>best possible).
>So actually your [better: my] need for customization shrinks. The only
>things that remain are RAM, some graphics chips, HDD... needs which, as
>Jesse said, are satisfied to some extent by the Apple Store.
>Of course, the possibilities to hardware-configure a laptop are rather
>limited, but that goes for Intel machines aswell.
>On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, Jesse McCrosky wrote:
>>       The Apple store lets you do that to some extent.  Some things
>> (mainboard, sound card) you get no choice about but processor, ram,
>> video card(s), disk, peripherals, and lots of other stuff can be customized.
>>       jesse
>> Erika Pacholleck wrote:
>> > 
>> > ( Fre, 03 Nov 2000 ) Kyle West <-- :
>> > > Keep it up, you almost converted me.  I hate Intel and the Intel
>> > > architecture, just like I hate Microsoft and Windows.
>> > > ... and if I do buy another wintel machine, it'll probably have AMD in it.
>> > 
>> > Me too at the first glance, still what I am missing is the possibility
>> > to build your own system. I like to decide myself which mainboard, processor,
>> > video/sound card, ram I would like to combine and then of course srew it
>> > myself - and I have not heard you can do that with a mac, can you?
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