ncurses compilation

Jonathan Eisenstein jeisen at
Sat Nov 4 09:23:08 PST 2000

We have liftoff!
(Translation: It's now compiling. No reason to think it's going to work
yet, but it got past the previous problem.)

Turns out that when I went to look at hashtable.h in
ncurses-5.1/include, it looked like this:

#define HASHTABSIZE	(	* 2)

.... which would explain the errors about an invalid pointer. I don't
know why that happened, but I reopened the tarball, did an individual
make in the include directory (after the configure) and hashtable.h
looked fine.

scott thomason wrote:
> Yes, I have attached them, but you must be skipping a step in the
> build or something...
> tic.h is right in the tarball. You should find it in
> /ncurses-5.1/include/tic.h.
> hashsize.h is generated by script
> /ncurses-5.1/include/ This script is invoked by
> /ncurses-5.1/include/Makefile.
> If I were you, I would "rm -rf ncurses-5.1; tar xzf
> ncurses-5.1.tar.gz", then use these installation steps after properly
> entering the chroot'ed environment (did you perhaps forget to mount
> /proc? I dunno if that impacts the ncurses make, but it might):

>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> /*
>  * hashsize.h -- hash and token table constants
>  */
> #define CAPTABSIZE          497
> #define HASHTABSIZE     (    497 * 2)
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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