Fatal in running lilo configure

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> Well, I am getting real close now but . . .
> bash-2.04# less /etc/lilo.conf
> boot=/dev/hda
> map=/boot/map
> install=/boot/boot.b
> prompt
> timeout=50
> linear
> default=linux
> image=/boot/lfskernel
>            label=lfs
>            read-only
>            root=/dev/hda2
> bash2.04# /sbin/lilo
> Added lfs
> Fatal: No images have been defined.
> bash2.04# ls /boot
> System.map    boot-text.b     chain.b     os2_d.b
> boot-menu.b    boot.b            lfskernel    vmlinux-2.2.14-5.0
> Well, I don't grok what I am doing here. Just following a recipe at this point.

You have 'linux' as your default label, but the only one you've defined is
'lfs'. I'm not sure if that's what the fatal error is about, but it could be
confusing it. Change either your default=linux line to default=lfs, or your
label=lfs line to label=linux and see if that helps. (Doesn't matter which you
do, just don't do both.)


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