Fatal in running lilo configure

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          Rudolf Floers <r.floers at web.de> wrote:

> my /etc/lilo.conf looks like this:
> -------------
> boot=/dev/sda
> read-only
> prompt
> timeout=50
> append="mem=128M"
> image = /boot/vmlinuz
>   label = lfs
>   root = /dev/sda1
> -------------
> that's enough for my system.
> what does default mean? perhaps it should be default=lfs instead.
> try to comment out default, map, install and linear. 
> note: if you've got more than 64M RAM you need to tell the kernel at
> boottime. append="mem=XXXM" does that.

Only on some bios's. (Mine is quite happy using my 96Mb without any append line)

default is the default image to boot; if you only have one you don't
technically need it.
Commenting out the map line will make no difference since it defaults to
/boot/map. This map is NOT the same as System.map. Lilo's map contains the disk
addresses to find the kernels, and is generated by lilo. System.map contains
the addresses within the kernel of the exported symbols, and is used for module


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