compiler errors everywhere

andru sprott andru at
Sun Nov 5 19:25:32 PST 2000

hi all

i'm tryin to compile kde. i've done kdesupport-1.1 but
when i try to make kdelib-1.1 i get error 1 and error 2
at the same point.

so i'm waitin for kde 2.0 to download. but in the mean-
time, i'm tryin to install mc, and i've tried all the different
versions, 4.0, 4,1, 4,1,3 etc, and they all fail in the make
stage, and they stop at the same point for each package.

so, i'm beginin to think, has my lfs setup gone wrong
somewhere? with kde, i got lines that point out syntax
errors in the code, like

    bool=true, bool=false, bool=false.

the last try with mc reported

    TIOCLINUX undeclared (first use in this function)
err, thinkin now, could it be sommat to do with header


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