Yeah, it boots but . . . not right

ken_i_m ken_i_m at
Mon Nov 6 08:58:28 PST 2000

At 10:31 PM 11/5/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Within chroot environment, do `passwd root` .

I remember doing this and went back and did it again just for s & g.

Looking more closely at the boot messages I see that it is having some 

Freeing unused kernel memory: 60k freed
INIT: version 2.78 booting
INIT: /etc/inittab[5]: missing process field
INIT: Entering runlevel: 3
: command not found
: command not found
/etc/init.d/rc: /etc/init.d/functions: line10: syntax error near unexpected tok
'n `evaluate_retval()
'etc/init.d/rc: /etc/init.d/functions: line 10: `evaluate_retval()
/etc/init.d/rc: [3: command not found

(none) login:

I did a Ctrl-Alt-Del and got a bunch of messages. Various things are 
returning a value of 127.

For example:
.. . . subscript /etc/rc6.d/S80sendsignals exited with a return value of 127 
for an unknown reason. . .

It gives a message of there being no file or directory 
/etc/rc6.d/S80sendsignals yet there is a symlink there pointing to a file 
in ../init.d

Oh, I am getting confused. I think there may be some info that scrolls off 
the screen before I can spot it. Is there a log? Failing that what/where 
should I start looking?

Ah, I have a pounding headache. I am going to run some errands and come 
back to this in an hour or so.
I think, therefore, ken_i_m

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