An idea for a LSF jumpstart

Jeffery McLean jeffery at
Mon Nov 6 09:19:59 PST 2000

An archive was made of a prebult LFS startup system
It got me thinking..
Heres my idea (and challange for anyone who wants to attempt it)
a flopy boot system where you have just enough to set up an LFS system
I'm thinking basicly a 3 flopy system... a boot disk... a root disk
and a usr disk.. (becouse I don't think all the software needed will fit
on two flopys)

As with all flopy.. no debug info etc... stripped down as much as nessisary
with out crippling the LFS compile (small libarys probably won't work
need full glibc)

and some net tools to download the source files...

This would make constructing an LFS system with NO destro or limited HD
a great deal easyer...

The comlication is that as everything is ram disk
(and outragously small) you'll need a min of 4 megs ram
and you'll need to download all the source archives to a freshly formated
hard disk...
like /LFS/src or something like that

Anyway.. it's an idea...
-- Doing the impossible daily
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