Yeah, it boots but . . . not right

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Mon Nov 6 09:30:32 PST 2000

On Monday 06 November 2000 12:19, Thomas 'Balu' Walter gave us this to 
> +-ken_i_m-(ken_i_m at[06.11.00 18:08]:
> [Boot/shutdown-Problems]
> > Oh, I am getting confused. I think there may be some info that
> > scrolls off the screen before I can spot it. Is there a log? Failing
> > that what/where should I start looking?
> I would suggest getting the bootscripts-tar from
> and try to install them, I often had problems regarding to cutnpaste of
> the bootscripts...

Ayup! Or perhaps you could just get those bootscripts, unpack them into 
some tmp dir, and then diff them against your scripts to see where they 
differ. I believe all the errors you mentioned can be attributed to an 
error in /etc/inittab and the particular scripts that gave a 127 error. I 
saw a couple of those once, and they were typos I had made.


BTW Thomas, I love all your sigs. Very creative! =))
J.A. Neitzel

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