[Re: An idea for a LSF jumpstart]

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at highos.com
Wed Nov 8 00:39:55 PST 2000


On Tue, Nov 07, 2000 at 10:39:09AM -0700, Corey Cox wrote:
> The boot CD isn't a bad idea, but some of us are trying to build on boxes that
> don't have a CD or won't boot a CD.  I'm wondering if there is a possibility
> of setting up a disk that could get *most* machines up to a running network so
> they could download and untar a static build, like the one Jesse built, and
> then they would be all set to start building LFS without out a starting
> distro.  I'm a relative newbie so I really don't have any idea how hard that
> would be - anyone know?  anyone want to try it?  Well, at any rate I think
> that would be extremely useful - it could be used by anyone wanting to bring
> down any distribution without needing anything but the net.

This is being done for ALFS, it will be completed in due time (well,
it's pretty well done, but i haven't the time to finish and test it
quite yet, though very soon)

You can have a bootable cdrom that has everything you need, with a
floppy that just gives control over to the cd if your BIOS doesnt'
support cd booting.

Or, you can have a plain single floppy that boot's up and has enough
tools such has simple network support (maybe along with pump for dhcp)
text editor, etc.. once you get networking working and format a new
partition for LFS, you can download an archive of either a full LFS
system or an i386 static build, where you have everything you need to
enter chroot.

And as i originally mentioned, having gcc and needed packages will not
fit on a floppy, unless ofcourse you plan on having ~17 of them ;)
Allthough downloading an archive (like i have up on quasar) will work
alot better, as much boxes these days (even older onces) have a NIC in
them, and can be fairly easily networked, another way would be just
download an image..that you could mount ro (a filesystem image that is)

It's not really complicated, and i've done it more then once... just
haven't had the time to finish it ;)

Dunno... ;)

PS, and of course, the process will be (over time) extensively
documented so one can make custom bootdisks/cdroms in case the hardware
needs special support, etc (such as formatting for RAID5 and installing,
or older hardware, blahblabhblah)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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