Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Nov 8 14:05:45 PST 2000

> The strange thing is not that it happens. It's that it happens *here*.
> After all, this is not kindergarten at aol.com, it's a discussion list of a
> very technical nature. Somehow I have trouble imagining the same person
> editing /etc/passwd and not being able to unsubscribe.
> On the other hand, maybe the inability to do the former is exactly the
> reason _why_ those guys want to unsubscribe from this list.
> BTW, why can't the listbot process "unsubscribe" requests to the normal
> list? There is only a very faint possibility of someone using
> "unsubscribe" as a normal subject (especially if the welcome mail told him
> not to do so), and he would notice it immediately once he gets the mail
> that tells him to confirm his unsubscription. The bot could also do him a
> favor and attach his original message so that it isn't lost and he can
> just forward it (with a changed subject).

That would require turning on the administarivia check. I have had it enabled 
in the past but I rather have it disabled. If that check is enabled it will 
also scan the body of the message (the first xx lines) for possible commands 
and then forward those emails to me for approval. This happened quite a bit 
that I had to moderate those messages so I turned it off. If this keeps on 
for long time I will consider turning that check on again.

Gerard Beekmans

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