Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Nov 8 14:13:51 PST 2000

On November  8, 2000 05:09 pm, you wrote:
> Recently found that Redhat uses a special program called
> initlog to log to syslog the output generated from the
> rc/init.d scripts.  This looks like the program to use..
> now if I can just get it to compile... ;-)

Use 'logger' than comes with util-linux

gerard:~$ logger this is a test
gerard:~$ tail -1 /var/log/sys.log 
Nov  8 17:09:06 gwaihir gerard: this is a test

gerard:~$ logger -p test is a mail test
gerard:~$ tail -1 /var/log/mail.log 
Nov  8 17:10:21 gwaihir gerard: test is a mail test

gerard:~$ logger -p mail.emerg test emerg
Message from syslogd at gwaihir at Wed Nov  8 17:11:41 2000 ...
gwaihir gerard: test emerg

and that shows up in sys.log as well

Gerard Beekmans

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