LILO bad, GRUB good

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Wed Nov 8 18:51:31 PST 2000

On Wednesday 08 November 2000 21:08, Brett says this to us:
> Be fair..
> There is documentation ... 'info grub'
> that said, however, it is crappy...
> It quite happily told me what to do, without any explanation as to
> _why_ or what i was doing, and then failed to give me any information
> about the error i recieved...
> As far as i'm concerned lilo works fine... if it aint broke, don't fix
> it.
> grub is now gone from my system... welcome back lilo

Ditto from me. I may get around to trying GRUB one day. But, since I have 
never once had any problem with any version of LILO, I am less likely to 
try GRUB.

IMHO, LILO is *not* bad, and GRUB is *not* good. They are equal and 
playing the field with different methods to do the same thing. Sure, if 
you do have some problem booting with LILO, try GRUB. As long as your 
system comes up, I see no difference at all...
J.A. Neitzel

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